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Kamstrup AMI

By installing one or more fixed data collection units in your supply area, you can read the meters and automatically collect hourly assumption data and information on info codes or alarms. Say goodbye to manual readings and get your data for both billing and advanced analytics automatically.

Kamstrup AMR 

With AMR you can easily read the utility's meters directly from your car. As you read the meters, you automatically gain access to both consumption data and any alarms or info codes regarding leakages and other irregularities in your distribution network. 

Kamstrup Encoded 

While precision is at the core of everything we do, our ultrasonic water meters offer more than the data needed to conduct a fair an accurate billing. Our encoded meters are offered in TRPL, Nicor, Itron, and bare wire. 


Acoustic Leak Detection 

With Kamstrup’s next generation solution for acoustic leak detection, which detects leaks upstream of the meter, you’ll have full transparency of your distribution network, which ultimately allows you to have the tools you need for an efficient and proactive approach to leak detection and fighting water loss.

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Water Werks Inc. is located in Avon Park, Fl. We provide utilities with smart water meters reporting consumption data through extremely reliable and efficient AMR and AMI solutions throughout Florida. We are passionate about helping people solve meter related problems, and account for all of their water and water revenue with the most simple, reliable, and accurate solutions in the industry. Our knowledgeable staff radiates an outstanding attitude of service and consistently delivers.  



Kamstrup Dual Band Meters AMR/AMI
Kamstrup Dual Band Meters AMR/AMI
Kamstrup AMR Meter
Kamstrup Reading Equipment
Kamstrup Encoded Meters
Honeywell evoQ4 RB
Honeywell evoQ4 Fire Meter
Honeywell evoQ4 LF Meter
Honeywell HT4000
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